Tall Bearded (A-B)

 Abiding Joy 
(Sutton 97) Sea lavender self. Ruffled falls are nicely branched and budded.


 About Town 
(Blyth 97) Standards silvery mauve lilac; falls red violet edged color of ...


 Acapulco Sunset 
(Nichols 93) Ruffled dark yellow; red orange beards. AM 97 HM 95


 Act Three 
(Blyth 95) Lemon-buff standards, soft violet midribs; blue-violet falls.&n...


 Adriatic Waves 
(Keppel 2009) Mid-season bloom, heavily ruffled spectacular near cornflowe...


(Hamblen 85) Charming bitone with pink standards and purple-violet falls. ...


 Afternoon Delight 
(Ernst 85) Lavender, falls bordered honey tan; white beards. AM 93 HM 89


 Alice Goodman 
(Roderick 88) Bright, ruffled pink; child of Beverly Sills. AM 93 HM 90


 Alice Harding 
(Cayeux 33) Standards primrose yellow; falls same with blending of grayish...


 All Aflutter 
(Byers 94) Beautiful white self with red-orange beards with a blue flounce...


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