Tall Bearded (M-O)

 Mary Frances 
(Gaulter 73) Lovely light blue orchid self. White beards lightly touched w...


 Mary Geddes 
(Stahlman/Washington 31) Salmon and red bicolor. Historic over 30 years ol...


 Mayan Mysteries 
(Van Liere 2011) Midseason to late bloom. Standards white with yellow wash...


 Merchant Marine 
(Keppel 2006) Midseason bloom. Standrds medium blue, style arms lighter bl...


(Byers 90) Ruffled white; beards tangerine red with large uplifted frilly ...


 Minnie Colquitt 
(J. Sass 42) White plicata, wine purple stitching. Historic over 30 years ...


(Grinter 33) Tall enamel blue. She is a wonderful strong grower.  Flo...


 Mme Chereau 
(Lemon 1844) White, blue stitching. One of the first placates ever. Histor...


(Keppel 2007) Early thru mid-season bloom. Luminata standards greyed red-p...


 Mood Ring 
(Keppel 2017) Mid-season bloom. Standards plum purple olive-grey upper edg...


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