Tall Bearded (E-G)

 Easter Candy 
(Keppel 2011) Early mid-season, late bloom. Standards light yellow; style ...


(Cayeux 32) Bright canary yellow. Historic over 30 years old, Hard to Find...


 Edith Wolford 
(Hager 84) Stunning bicolor. Standards light canary yellow; falls medium b...


 Eleanors Pride 
(Watkins 52) Powder blue self. Historic over 30 years old. AM 58 HM 56 DM 61


(Blyth 93) Icy blue standards; mulberry slate falls. Tangerine bronze bear...


 Elizabeth Poldark 
(R. Nichol 90) Heavily ruffled warm white; yellow throat and beards. One o...


 Enchanted Mesa 
(T. Magee 97) Standards sky blue; falls ivory, purple plicata edge. Beards...


 Enchanted Violet 
(Hamblen 58) Grayed blue and orchid blend with orange beards. AM 60, HM 58


 Engagement Ring 
(Ghio 2011) Early, mid-season, late bloom. Standards champagne gold; style...


 English Charm 
(Blyth 89) Ivory cream and peach apricot bicolor from Australia. Won the &...


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