Tall Bearded (E-G)

 Easter Candy 
(Keppel 2011) Early mid-season, late bloom. Standards light yellow; style ...


(Cayeux 32) Bright canary yellow. Historic over 30 years old, Hard to Find...


 Eleanors Pride 
(Watkins 52) Powder blue self. Historic over 30 years old. AM 58 HM 56 DM 61


(Blyth 93) Icy blue standards; mulberry slate falls. Tangerine bronze bear...


 Elizabeth Poldark 
(R. Nichol 90) Heavily ruffled warm white; yellow throat and beards. One o...


 Enchanted Mesa 
(T. Magee 97) Standards sky blue; falls ivory, purple plicata edge. Beards...


 Enchanted Violet 
(Hamblen 58) Grayed blue and orchid blend with orange beards. AM 60, HM 58


 Engagement Ring 
(Ghio 2011) Early, mid-season, late bloom. Standards champagne gold; style...


 English Charm 
(Blyth 89) Ivory cream and peach apricot bicolor from Australia. Won the &...


 Ethel Mae 
(Olson 2006) Standards pink; falls violet-lavender with white spot.  ...


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Cards We Accept