Tall Bearded (C-D)

 Dance Recital 
(Keppel 2004) Standards light violet blue, style arms, pale blue; falls pa...


 Dancers Veil 
(Hutchinson 59) Violet on white plicata. Historic over 30 years old. EDM 63


 Dandy Candy 
(Earnst 01) Standards purple; falls peach cream, purpled rims. AM 05


(Connell 29) Rose and mauve.  DM 29 H


 Day On The Bay 
(Ghio 2012) Very early midseason bloom. Standards creamy lemon yellow; Fal...


(Keppel 2006) Standards light blue-orchid to vervain toward edge; style ar...


(Blyth 2004) Extravagently ruffled and laced.  Apricot standards and ...


 Desert Moth 
(Keppel 2012) Mid-season bloom. Standards coffee-tan shaded and veined pru...


 Designing Woman 
(Gatty 89) Lovely lilac lavender; salmon beards. AM 94 HM 92


(Schreiner 97) Beautiful ruffled and flared garnet self, floriferous and e...


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