Tall Bearded (P-R)

 Pirate Ahoy 
(Blyth 2005) Bright yellow standards; red-black falls with large, eye-catc...


 Points West 
(MacKendrick 2011) Beautiful campanula violet on white plicata w...


 Prairie Sunset 
(H. P. Sass 39) Rose, gold, orange blend. Historic over 30 years old. AM 4...


 Primrose Drift 
(Brummit 60) Primrose yellow self, yellow beard. Historic over 30 years ol...


 Proud Tradition 
(Schreiner 90) Light silver blue standards; deep hyacinth blue falls. Clas...

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(J. Ghio 98) Standards white; falls white, purple lines radiating from red...


 Quaker Lady 
(Farr 1909) Lavender standards; yellow blue falls. Orange beards. Historic...


 Queen's Circle 
(F. Kerr 99) Standards white; falls white, dark blue edge.  Beards or...


 Quite Content 
( Nicodemus, B. 2014) Early mid-season to mid-season bloom. Standards deep...


 Raspberry Fudge 
(Keppel 89) Tan raspberry standards; falls cream, brown raspberry hafts an...


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