Tall Bearded (P-R)

 Primrose Drift 
(Brummit 60) Primrose yellow self, yellow beard. Historic over 30 years ol...


 Proud Tradition 
(Schreiner 90) Light silver blue standards; deep hyacinth blue falls. Clas...


(J. Ghio 98) Standards white; falls white, purple lines radiating from red...


 Quaker Lady 
(Farr 1909) Lavender standards; yellow blue falls. Orange beards. Historic...


 Queen's Circle 
(F. Kerr 99) Standards white; falls white, dark blue edge.  Beards or...


 Raspberry Fudge 
(Keppel 89) Tan raspberry standards; falls cream, brown raspberry hafts an...


 Reis Pudding 
(Hall 2005) Late mid-season bloom. Pure white self; deep yellow in throat,...


 Restless Heart 
(Keppel 2005) Standards white; falls white, veronica biolet band; beards g...


 Returning Rose 
(Maryott 98) Pale yellow ground with pinkish orchid plicata trim. Orange b...


(Keppel 2011) Standards white; style arms white, pale blue lip; falls whit...


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