Tall Bearded (P-R)

 Pacific Panorama 
(Sexton 60) Medium sea blue self. Historic over 30 years old. AM 63 HM 61 ...


 Paris Fashion 
(Keppel 2003) This lovely beauty has large broad flowers that are heavily ...


 Party's Over 
(Meek 2005) Soft lavender-blue standards; ivory falls are faintly flushed&...


 Paul Black 
(Johnson 2002) Medium dark purple blue; beards dark orange; pronounced spi...


 Pay The Price 
(Grossvenor 99) White standards overlaied light blue; falls medium plicata...


 Peach Picotee 
(Schreiner 90) Apricot peach standards; creamy falls, picoteed rose. Nice!...


 Peaches And Dreams 
(Ghio 03) Standards light-pink; falls warm-white with amber-pink haft and ...


 Peking Summer 
(Shreiner 1984) Amber standards with faint highligh of rose towards centra...


 Pheasant Feathers 
(L. Johnson 99) Standards tan; falls violet, brown shoulders and rim. ...


(Ghio 2005) Standards rosy pink, iolet midrib; falls lavender orchid, near...


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