Historic Iris

 Edith Wolford 
(Hager 84) Stunning bicolor. Standards light canary yellow; falls medium b...


 Eleanors Pride 
(Watkins 52) Powder blue self. Historic over 30 years old. AM 58 HM 56 DM 61


 Enchanted Violet 
(Hamblen 58) Grayed blue and orchid blend with orange beards. AM 60, HM 58


 Fiesta Brava 
(Plough 73) Standards straw yellow; falls blend purple brown rose with a b...


(Schreiner 67) Deep red self. HM 68 Historic over 30 years old. Hard to Find!


(Gaylon 56) Classic yellow red bi-color.  HM 59 H Hard to find.


 Gay Geisha 
(Olson 61) Pink standards; falls purple edged shell pink. HM 64 Historic o...


 Grand Canyon 
(Kleinsorge 41) Large, blend of plum, copper and gold. AM 44 HM 43 Histori...


 Great Lakes 
(Cousins 38) Tall, medium blue; yellow beards. One of the most popular blu...


 Henna Stitches 
(Gibson 61) Henna red standards; white falls with henna stitches; spicy fr...


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