Historic Iris

(Grinter 33) Tall enamel blue. She is a wonderful strong grower.  Flo...


 Mme Chereau 
(Lemon 1844) White, blue stitching. One of the first placates ever. Histor...


 Ola Kala 
(J. Sass 43) Tall, brilliant yellow. Historic over 30 years old. AM 45 HM ...


(Tompkins 69) Our brightest, deepest pink. This beauty is very hard to fin...


 Prairie Sunset 
(H. P. Sass 39) Rose, gold, orange blend. Historic over 30 years old. AM 4...


 Quaker Lady 
(Farr 1909) Lavender standards; yellow blue falls. Orange beards. Historic...


(P. Cook1938) Blue black violet. AM40 HM37 Historic


 Sable Night 
(Cook 50) Black purple self. Limited supply. AM 54 HM 52 H DM 55


 Sapphire Hills 
(Schreiner 1971) Pure blue self; light lemon to white beard.  This be...


 Sierra Blue 
(Essig 32) Tall, flaring, mid blue. AM 34 HM 32 DM 35 Historic over 30 yea...


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