Tall Bearded (A-B)

 Black As Night 
(Meek 92) Ruffled red-black; velvety black falls; mustard beards. AM 96 HM...


 Black Flag 
(Stahly 84) Deep violet standards, deeper falls. Self beards. AM 90 HM 86


 Black Tie Affair 
(Schreiner 93) Huge, velvety, inky black.  She is very showy in the g...


(Schreiner 2006) Lovely dark purple-black self.  She is ruffled and v...


 Blankety Blank 
(Burseen 1998) Standards white ground; falls creamy apricot ground streake...


 Blenheim Royal 
(Schreiner 90) Ruffled mid-blue with cream beard. If you are looking to ad...


 Blinding Light 
(R. Ernst 2005) Striking luminescent yellow amoena.  Stark white stan...


 Blue Rhythm 
(Whiting 45) Delicate cornflower blue. Historic over 30 years old. AM 47 H...


 Blue Sapphire 
(Schreiner 53) Ruffled light silvery blue, gold beards. AM 56 HM 54 H DM 58


 Blue Shimmer 
(J. Sass 41) Large clear white, stippled blue. AM 44 HM 42 Historic over 3...


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